1. Plants & Research and Development Centre

Plants & Research and Development Centre

200 Nedo, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-0831
Tel.(04) 7132-1111 Fax.(04) 7131-2040

The Kashiwa Mill, located in the Nedo Industrial Park of Kashiwa City, specializes in the needling and finishing processes as a felt and a Transfer belt manufacturing center. The facility is equipped with an automated production line featuring the latest needling machines, which are capable of manufacturing press felts upto 13-meter in width—the world’s largest—and dryers for high-pressure heat treatment.

In 2000, Kashiwa Mill has received ISO 14001 certification for the first time of Ichikawa. With using cogeneration system and introducing the energy efficeincy facilities, we have been taking the initiative in enviromental protection / energy-saving activities.


2600-11, Ago, Kasama, Ibaraki 319-0206
Tel.(0299) 37-6211 Fax.(0299) 37-6200

The Iwama Mill, located in Kasama City, Ibaraki Prefecture, houses production lines for base fabric weaving, shoe press belts, transfer belts, and industrial products. The facilities feature the world’s largest 33-meter long weaving machine and belt coatersalong with production lines employing robots and other automated machinery. In addition, combining traditional craftsmanship such as base splicing with more modernized methods, we have created our own special array of production capabilities.

Following Kashiwa Mill, Iwama Mill has also received ISO 14001 certification in 2019. With introduction of solar-power equipment, we are diligently working on environmental protection / energy-saving activities furthermore.

Research and Development Department

8-1, Chuo 1-Chome, Kasama, Ibaraki 309-1737
Tel.(0296) 77-7111 Fax.(0296) 77-8143

Our Research and Development Centre is in Ibaraki Prefecture, Kasama City. We carry out continuous research on basic technologies including basic materials, product structure, and production technologies. In 2013, we introduced a cutting-edge pilot coater, and stepped up our new product development for process belts. In addition, we have expanded our view of press felt methodology using the latest technologies, gathering prodigious amounts of information from multiple manufacturers on leading-edge materials from around the world. Focusing on a wide range of technologies spanning high-performance materials, new materials, and the latest production equipment technologies, we collect information and data on prototypes with a view to make them available to the market, also looking at new analysis equipment and technology trends.