1. International Network

International Network

We are strengthening our international network, as we accelerate our global expansion.

Ichikawa keeps abreast of the latest technologies from countries advanced in the field of paper manufacturing and the needs of our customers, and incorporate these in our products—a strategy that also led to our establishing subsidiaries in advanced paper-making companies. We established ICHIKAWA AMERICA INC.(currently ICHIKAWA NORTH AMERICA CORP.(INAC)) in the U.S —the world’s largest market—in 1984. Through this subsidiary, we have been able to bolster our international presence. Further, in 2001, we established ICHIKAWA EUROPE GmbH(IEG) as our European subsidiary in order to gain access to the European market--the European market being a focal point of advanced paper manufacturing processes.Through our network of business agents, we conduct sales, services, and information gathering.
In recent years, we have established Ichikawa China Co., Ltd. (ICC) in 2005 and Ichikawa Asia Co., Ltd. (IAC) in Thailand, 2018. We consider these fast-growing countries in Southeast Asia,including China, as the most important market in the future. We are actively expanding the products of Ichikawa in Asia, to compete with overseas manufacturers. In addition, through our excellent local agents, we have fostered an overseas network that extends around the globe. We are committed to further overseas development.


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