1. Products for making paper

Products for making paper

We perpose combinations of paper making equipment thet maximize benefits in operation of paper making press parts

To reduce the steam energy consumption in the subsequent stage of the paper manufacturing
process, the press part that removes moisture content from paper must be highly efficient. Ever
since we were established, we at Ichikawa have worked to develop countless products that
enhance the efficiency of press part operations. The latest presses utilize three different
products: the press felt, the shoe press belt, and the transfer belt. Ichikawa develops,
manufactures, and sells all of these products. We are the sole manufacturer in Japan capable of
putting together optimal packages of machine clothing for press sections designed to maximize
our customers operations. Further, we began to establish overseas subsidiaries at an early stage
to create a powerful global sales network and information-gathering capabilities. We have
stepped up our rapid product development, which draws from cutting-edge paper manufacturing
technologies, to offer integrated press part solutions rooted in the latest technologies. Applying
our unique array of technologies that we have developed by meticulously addressing customer
needs, we will continue to provide optimal, high-quality products.

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