1. Products for making paper Process belt

Process belt

Shoe press belt

With our manufacturing equipment compatible with various sizes, and our unique technology development, we are developing the possibilities of shoe press belts.

In tandem with the globalization of the paper market and growing needs for high-value-added paper manufacture, a trend developed in which the highly cost-competitive shoe press technologies have been integrated into press sections. Compared to conventional roll presses, this latest innovation offers superior moisture removal. Since 1988, when we developed Japan’s first shoe press belt, Ichikawa has kept abreast of the trends of the times, continuously innovating our own shoe press belts with our special in-house technologies. The result has been superior sheet dryness—a factor that has a huge impact on paper quality. In addition, it also boasts unrivalled durability and runnability to ensure longer product life. These achievements were recognized in 1998, when we were presented with the prestigious Sasaki Award by the Japan Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry. With the trust of our customers,Currently, more than about 700 units in the world are used. In the future, we plan to add even more variation to our product lineup, drawing on our many years of sophisticated technologies and the latest manufacturing equipment.

Shoe press belt product line

Transfer belt

With improved flatness and high speed conveyance functions, we help reduce energy use.

In more recent years, an issue of major concern has been how to engender greater speeds while still maintaining dryness and smoothness. To address these needs and boost productivity, close transfer presses (CTP) have been developed. The transfer belt used in the CTP operates at a steady speed of 2000 meters per minute to provide stable operations, minimize rewet, boost productivity, and improve paper quality. Ichikawa has succeeded time and again with product development from the inception of CTP machines, and the product has performed well in overseas markets, particularly in Europe and China, where CTP technology has been widely introduced. As we strive for added value in the paper sector, we develop advanced products based on a new way of thinking featuring both high speed operation and durability. This in turn has contributed to stable operations.

Transfer belt product line

Trans Ace