1. product line

Press felt product line

  • Fine Nip
Combines excellent smoothness and flatness resistance

Felt using new structure base fabric by specially arranged vertical fibers. While it is a double weave base fabric, it achieves smoothness like laminated base fabric.

  • Fine Axle
Superior smoothness and uniform dehydration

Felt with laminated structure using upper fabric with precisely arranged very fine fibers. Excellent smoothness and dewatering.

  • FX Series
Achieves unparalleled comfort and excellent dewatering

Uses new resin that has new functions. Good press drainage abilities, for felt with excellent comfort, dewatering performance and stain reduction.

  • J Turn Ace
Superior re-wetting deterrence

Felt with excellent re-wetting prevention. Highly hydrophilic special sheets arranged in batting layer.

  • Prelock
Inter-fiber network that achieves fiber shedding prevention

Due to adherence ability by core type MBF, it forms a uniform fiber network while maintaining fiber shape. Prevents shedding trouble due to fibers falling off.

  • Flow Ace
Single weave BOM type

Single weave structure felt, woven with mono filament or twisted filaments. Standard quality in low nip pressure parts.

  • High Nip Ace
Dual weave BOM type

Dual weave structure felt, woven with mono filament or twisted filaments. Excellent qualities of mark prevention and resistance to flattening.

  • Laminated Ace
Multilayer base fabric BOM type

Laminated structure felt with 2 or 3 layers of overlaid base fabrics having different meshes. Various combinations of upper and lower base fabrics are possible to suit customer needs, such as paper quality and maintaining water permeability.

  • Open Ace
Seam felt

Core fiber passes through loop on both ends, for felt with endless seam on machine. Quality that reduces work on the machine, and improves safety.