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About Ichikawa

A pioneer in papermaking
press section technology

As a pioneer in papermaking press section technology in Japan, Ichikawa has stayed ahead of the needs of the times to lead the industry. We offer combinations of papermaking equipment that yield maximum benefit in the operation of the papermaking press section.

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Industrial felt that
creates new value

Our industrial felt is used on a variety of production lines, including production of ultra-high-tension steel materials for automobiles, and production of the cutting-edge printed circuit boards used in next-generation communication standards (5G), the IoT, automated driving, and other areas of rapidly advancing technological innovation.

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Creating products with
consideration for the
global environment and
symbiotic environments

As a comprehensive solutions company for the press section of papermaking, we provide optimal combinations of products that maximize the capabilities of customers’ papermaking machinery press section, thereby contributing to energy conservation and environmentally friendly papermaking.

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About papermaking press section technology


Product information

Press felt

Press felt

The following introduces our lineup of basic press felt products for papermaking.

Zimo Series

The following introduces our Zimo Series of next-generation felt that achieves high functionality and cost savings.

Process belt

Since developing the first process belt in Japan in 1988, Ichikawa has responded agilely to changes in the times, continuously innovating process belts through our unique technologies.

Shoe press belt

We meet customers’ needs through original technology development and manufacturing equipment that can adapt to any size.

Transfer belt

The transfer belt performs functions for paper surface smoothness and high-speed transport, contributing to stable operation.

Industrial products (ICHIKAWA TECHNO FABRICS CO., LTD.)

Ichikawa brings new value to industrial felt through its innovative press felt manufacturing technology for papermaking. Our industrial felt supports advanced production sites in Japan and around the world.

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