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We play important roles in paper manufacturing processes.

In paper manufacturing processes, the press part that squeezes water from paper needs to squeeze out more moisture, to reduce steam energy used in the next process. The latest press parts use 3 products: press felt, shoe press belt, and transfer belt. Ichikawa develops, manufactures and sells all these. We propose combinations of paper making equipment that can be used to maximize benefits customers seek in operation of press plates. Ichikawa is the only manufacturer in Japan that can provide these. Our organization quickly develops products based on the latest paper manufacturing technologies, and proposes comprehensive solutions for paper making press parts, always based on the latest knowledge.

Felt press machine models for manufacturing paper

Product information

Products for making paper

Paper making equipment used in press parts are important products that affect paper quality and productivity. With our unique specialized technologies, we contribute to the paper manufacturing industry as an “Advanced specialist company for paper making equipment”.

Industrial felt is a line of high-performance products developed based on advanced Press felt production technologies.

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We work to improve various elements in business activities, and work hard to enhance our quality and reliability as a company.

Environmental initiatives

We work to make environmentally friendly products, and advance environmental management.