1. Industrial products

Industrial products

New value for industrial felts, based on advanced press felt manufacturing technology.

Industrial-use felt is a category pf high-performance products developed based on press felt production technologies, utilizing high-performance fibers featuring superior heat resistance and strength. Ichikawa’s industrial felt works to support sophisticated production centers around Japan and the world, including aluminum extrusion, printed circuit boards, and iron manufacture.

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Products for each use

  • Heat-resistant conveyance equipment:
    For aluminum extrusion (THERMOTEX®)

Construction and precision parts sector aluminum extrusion lines require equipment capable of conveyance without scratching or bending aluminum cast at temperatures of 500℃or greater. Ichikawa’s Thermotex® is used widely in the aluminum extrusion industry for conveying high-temperature products.

  • Heat-resistant cushioning material
    (ACE BOARD®)

Our Ace Board®, featuring heat resistance and stable
cushioning, is used for printed circuit boards and
construction materials, in which high-temperature press
molds are employed. Today, Ace Board® is broadly
available for various developing situation; such as
Next-generation communication standard (5th Generation), Internet of Things( IoT), autonomous driving technology.

Features of Ace Board®

Ace board® is heat-resistant cushioning material made of high heat-resistant fibers with advanced functions.

Exellent cost performance

◇Ace Board® C, X, CX series: 300℃

Cushion material that cuts costs and improves environmental issues. Used in a range from general-purpose printed circuit boards to high-performance boards.

◇Ace Board® Z series: 400℃

Super cushioning material compatible with high temperature molding such as high heat resistant boards.

  • ・Other heat resistant conveyance materials: for steel sheets, dyeing and finishing (for cloth), mesh conveyors
    ・Heat resistant wiping materials: Water wiper for rolling mill roll
    ・Advanced functions filtration material: For roll press type dehydrator

Ichikawa’s industrial felts are used in various production lines: Ultra-high-tensile steel for automobiles, various types of luxury clothing material to carefully handle texture, etc. Ichikawa’s industrial felts play important parts in our lives.

Products manufactured using Ichikawa’s industrial felts

  • Car bodies
  • Alminium parts
  • Wall materials
  • Carport
  • Consumer electronics
  • Smartphone,tablets
  • Alminium sash
  • Print circuit boards
  • flexible boards
  • Clothing
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