1. Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Ichikawa Co., Ltd. considers that appropriate handling and protection of personal information are social responsibilities. Based on this understanding, all Ichikawa officers and employees work to protect personal information.
Personal information of customers provided via this website shall be managed appropriately, in accordance with the Privacy Policy written below.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations, etc.

Ichikawa complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other laws, regulations, guidelines of related government ministries and agencies, company rules, etc., that designate handling of personal information.

2. Thorough security control measures

Ichikawa takes necessary and appropriate measures for secure control of personal data, such as control and supervision in the company, training of employees, and supervision of contractors. We work to prevent leaks, loss and damage to personal data.

3. Establishment of personal information control system

To protect personal information, Ichikawa creates personal information control rules, and establishes and implements a system to operate and improve them.

4. Usage

Ichikawa’s main businesses are manufacture, processing and sales of paper manufacturing felts and other industrial fiber products. Personal information obtained shall only be used in the conduct of Ichikawa’s business.