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We are grateful for your generous support.

Since our beginnings, Ichikawa has been making contributions to society by supplying paper
making felts and various types of industrial felt products .

Paper making felts are used at press section in paper-manufacturing process. These felts greatly
influence the quality of paper product as well as the productivity of customer. Thanks to our
sustained efforts for product development with making use of expertises, Ichikawa has been
gained the reputation as highly sophisticated company of paper making felts in global market.

Under the drastically changing environment of paper-manufacutring business, the role of paper
maiking felts has been more critical, and more advanced performance has been required. To
meet the expectations from customer, by our sophisticated tecnologies and superiour quality,
each member of Ichikawa is engaged in the manufacture of the highest quality products.

Ichikawa will intend to be a comprehensive solution company at press section. With proposing
and supplying the most efficient combination of our felts and belts, we hope to optimize the
productivity at press section of our customer. We firmly believe that this makes the contribution to
energy saving and environmentally friendly paper production.

With our unique technology for press section, Ichikawa will keep supporting the sustainable
development in paper-manufactring industry.