1. Company history

Company history

November 1918 Tokyo Blanket Co., Ltd., that was predecessor of Ichikawa Co., Ltd. was established on the old premises of our former Ichikawa mill.
October 1942 The company was merged with Nippon Felt Co., Ltd. and became the Ichikawa Mill of Nippon Felt.
November 1949 Separated from Nippon Felt Co., Ltd. under the Corporate Recovery and Reorganization Act and established as Ichikawa Co., Ltd. (Head Office:Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture with Capital JPY 10 million).
May 1950 Developed felt with nylon mixed weave.
May 1951 Company shares listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
August 1960 Established subsidiary as Tomobe Industrial Co., Ltd.
December 1961 Established subsidiary as Ichiron Service Co., Ltd.
November 1963 Head Office moved from Ichikawa City, Chiba to Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo (present location).
July 1964 Kashiwa Mill (Kashiwa City, Chiba) newly established and commenced the manufacture of needle felt.
April 1968 Established subsidiary as Ichike Processing Co., Ltd. partnership.
July 1970 Bought out the felt operations of the Nerima Mill of Kanegafuchi Spinning Co., Ltd.
October 1974 Bought out and took over the Tomobe Industrial Co., Ltd. and named their mill the Tomobe Mill (now Kasama City, Ibaraki).
April 1975 Merged around our sales operations, a felt sales agency operations to established a subsidiary known as Ichikawa Commercial Co., Ltd.
October 1975 Established subsidiary as Kashiwa Processing Co., Ltd. as a limited partnership.
January 1976 Established subsidiary as Tomobe Processing Co., Ltd. partnership.
March 1977 Established subsidiary as Ichike Real Estate Co., Ltd.
December 1982 Established subsidiary as IK Distribution Center Co., Ltd.
November 1984 Established Ichikawa America Inc. as a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary of Ichikawa Commercial Co., Ltd.
June 1986 Merged IK Distribution Center Co., Ltd. with Ichiron Service Co., Ltd. to form the subsidiary IK Service Co., Ltd.(currently consolidated subsidiary).
April 1988 Exported to the U.S. the first belt made expressly for use in shoe presses.
May 1991 Ichikawa America Incorporated changed name to Ichikawa North America Corporation (currently consolidated subsidiary).
April 1993 Took over and merged the subsidiary Ichikawa Commercial Co., Ltd.
April 1994 Merged “Ichike Processing Co.”, “Kashiwa Processing Co.” and “Tomobe Processing Co.” limited partnerships to form the subsidiary “IK Processing Co., Ltd.” partnership (currently consolidated subsidiary).
April 1996 New inception of Iwama Mill (Kasama City, Ibaraki).
August 1996 The subsidiary Ichike Real Estate Co., Ltd. changed its name to IK Agency.
October 1997 Established representative's office in Düsseldorf, Germany.
July 1998 Awarded the “Sasaki Prize” for commendable development work in the manufacture of belts for shoe presses used in the paper manufacturing industry.
October 1998 Closed the Ichikawa Mill and focused production at the Kashiwa and Iwama Mills.
March 2000 Kashiwa Mill received ISO 14001 certification.
October 2000 Established the Shanghai (China) Representative Office.
October 2001 Converted the Düsseldorf Representative Office to a local incorporated legal entity as Ichikawa Europe GmbH (currently consolidated subsidiary).
March 2003 Secured certification for ISO 9001.
June 2003 Introduced new corporate governance system and Executive Officer Systemand reduced the number of directors, shortened term of office.
April 2004 Established Laboratory for Research and Development (Kasama City, Ibaraki) by putting Research Department and Development Department together.
May 2004 Sales Department, integrated sales operations and technical services, and moved onto the ground of Kashiwa mill from Headquarters.
April 2005 Ichikawa China Co., Ltd. (now a consolidated subsidiary) established in Shanghai to strengthen Group structures for orders receiving and provision of technical services in China.
July 2005 The business name of the company changed to “Ichikawa Co., Ltd.”
July 2005 Established subsidiary as Ichikawa Techno Fabrics Co., Ltd. (now a consolidated subsidiary) for industrial operations.
April 2008 Two subsidiaries, “IK Service Co., Ltd.” and “IK Agency Co., Ltd.” combined under the name “IK Service Co., Ltd.”
April 2018 Asian Bissiness Division established.
July 2018 Ichikawa Asia Co., Ltd. established in Thailand.
May 2019 Iwama Mill received ISO 14001 certification.