1. Environmental policy

Environmental policy

The 21st century is said to be the environmental century. An era when co-existence with the environment is essential. Aiming to create a good environmental society, and for sustainable growth of the company, Ichikawa established a company-wide environmental policy, and we are working on environmental activities, along with related companies.

Basic policy

Ichikawa contributes to the development of society as a paper-making equipment manufacturer. We also rank environmental conservation activities as an important management issue. Through company activities together with all employees, we work to improve global environmental conservation, and aim at sustainable development.

Code of Conduct

  • Reliably comply with environment related laws and agreements, establish voluntary management standards as needed, and work to prevent environmental pollution.
  • In all company activities for production, products and services, work to save energy, reduce resource use and waste matter, etc.
  • In product development and design stages, pre-assess environmental impacts when selecting materials, manufacturing and using. Provide products that suit environmental conservation, within a scope that is technically and financially possible.
  • To solidly execute initiatives for reducing these environmental impacts, set environmental goals and targets, and continually maintain and improve.
  • Through environmental training, inform all employees about policies, work to raise environmental awareness, and advance company-wide environmental conservation activities.
    We also work so our subsidiaries understand and cooperate with environmental conservation activities.