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Diversity of human resources Active recruitment of women to managerial track positions, career recruitment, and foreign national recruitment Career education for women Adoption of a flextime system Adoption of a telework system

Agreement concerning the provision of drinking water during disasters

In May 2019, our company entered into an agreement with the city of Kashiwa regarding the supply of drinking water in the event of a disaster. Under this agreement, we will provide drinking water at the request of Kashiwa when a disaster has occurred in the city and the city has established a task force based upon its regional disaster plans. This initiative will contribute to providing drinking water to citizens and maintaining the living environment.

Left: Manager of the Kashiwa Mill
Right: Mayor of Kashiwa

Water station established next to the I. K. Service warehouse

70th anniversary event and social contribution activities

As a project to commemorate the 70th anniversary of our founding, we made donations to groups in Kashiwa and Kasama, cities where our plants are located.

Kashiwa Mill

Kashiwa Citizens’ Public Interest Activity Promotion Fund
Kashiwa City Council on Social Welfare

16:00, Thursday, November 21, 2019
(at Kashiwa City Hall)

Mill Manager Oda, Mayor Akiyama

Iwama Mill

Kasama Social Welfare Division
Mito City Council on Social Welfare

16:30, Tuesday, November 19, 2019
(at Kasama City Hall)

Mayor Yamaguchi, Mill Manager Morokawa