1. Manufacturing processes

Shoe press belt product line

Meets the needs of paper manufacturing industry, in products
incorporating the latest production equipment and skilled techniques.


Our weaving employs a sophisticated tension management technologies ensuring the uniformity of the warp and weft tensile, length, and number of yarns inthe base fabrics, under strictly controled temperature and humidity conditions. We take an active approach to automation, using robots to ensure consistent high quality and productivity.


This process involves the opening of short fibers to form a web, followed by needling of the layers to create a mat. To ensure uniform quality of the mat, we constantly measure and prevent any deviations in either machine or cross machine direction.


During this process, layers of fiber webs called batt are needled-punched into the base fabric under strict controlled temperature and humidity. To ensure proper entanglement of the fibers with the base fabric as well as uniforminity of the finished product, condition of the base fabric is carefully inspected prior to needling. Also, needles are carefully inspected for wear. Surface condition and caliper are continuously monitored.


Needled felts are put through dryers equipped with cleaning equipment to remove residual oil from fibers and to eliminate floating fibers. At this stage, we also apply heat press and singeing to ensure proper permeabilit and smoothness of the surface. To boost stability of the dimensions, we also heat-set the base fabric. Lastly, we conduct resin processing for added functions including abrasion resistance and faster break-in.


In the final product inspection process, in addition to inspection of the exterior, we have established strict inspection criteria and shipment controls on factors such as product properties such as basis weight, air permeability, and thickness. The purpose is to meet customer needs and conditions of use.


We package our products in accordance with the needs of customers including operability and safety. In addition, we ensure that packaging does not damage other customer items during the transport process.