1. Research & development

Shoe press belt product line

We are developing new technologies that combine
fundamental technologies and advanced technologies.

Along with the diversification of paper and ongoing demand for higher quality and higher performance, requirements for paper making felts including press felts and shoe press belts are becoming more and more sophisticated. At our Research and Development Division, we carry out continuous research on basic technologies including basic materials, product structure, and production technologies—all in response to customer needs. In 2013, we introduced acutting-edge pilot coater, and stepped up our new product development for process belts. In addition, we have expanded our view of press felt methodology using the latest technologies,gathering prodigious amounts of information from multiple manufacturers on leading-edge materials from around the world. Focusing on a wide range of technologies spanning high-performance materials, new materials, and the latest production equipment technologies,we collect information and data on prototypes with a view to make them available to the market.

Research and Development Department
Pilot Coater

Our sales and technical departments understand the latest market trends and paper manufacturing technologies, for suitable product development.

The functions and specifications required of paper machine clothing depend on an array of factors such as paper machine types, paper grades, and operating conditions. To address ever-diversifying customer needs, Ichikawa offers finely-tailored technical services that enable us to monitor factors such as our customer usage levels—through our highly experienced and specialized sales and technical staff. Information we gathered will help us improve our products and develop new products. In addition, through our global sales network, we keep ourselves updated with t the latest market information ranginging from the new technologies of Europeto the market situation of fast-growing countries of China and other parts of Asia. Identifying potential market needs, we tirelessly pursue the possibilities of new product innovation.

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